A downloadable game for Windows

Defend the Freedom Wall

Use massive aerial bombardment to destroy the enemies of Freedom

This is a single level demo with a few unlockables for winning. **NOW HAS A TUTORIAL LEVEL AS WELL***

Windows only, minimum screen size 1366x768

Keep watching for updates, more levels etc

If you like what you see, and/or want to see more please leave a comment.

twitter: @ChunkBlaster

If you run into any bugs or errors, please send me an email at chunkblaster@outlook.com so I can fix them.

UPDATE 9/11/2016 **********HAPPY ELECTION AMERICA************

UPDATE 14/08/2016

v1.041 - Moved the Freedom Fries bar up so the text is more visible

UPDATE 07/07/2016

v1.04 - Added a Tutorial level which explains the weapons
Added some tile graphics
Minor changes to the menu + some weapons

UPDATE 29/06/2016

v1.03 - Changed the look and increased damage of fire
Minor changes to some sounds
Added tip screen at start of first play

UPDATE 16/06/2016

v1.02 - fixed a bug in the menu that allowed weapons to be fired while still in the menu.

UPDATE : 10/06/2016

v1.01 - fixed a bug that crashed the game when aiming a bomb, then pressing another mouse button causing the laser to disappear, then releasing the right button.


Defend The Freedom Wall v1.041.exe 3 MB

Install instructions

This is a stand alone .exe, it does not need to install, just run it.


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fun physics

Messed up. Zen explosions of death though.

Great game! Had a good time playing!